Friday, April 21, 2006

More on the Dawg Balance Sheet

UGA is a fine school and the digging into their finance is just an attempt to better understand the Business of College Football. There is no intent to make any judgement in this post.

Per AJC article quoted at
Georgia's athletics department traditionally operates at a profit, but 2005's balance sheet was unusually strong. Operating revenues increased by almost $11 million from the year before, while expenses increased by only $1 million.

The main reason for the revenue jump was a new football ticket priority system. Contributions tied to the system brought in $22.4 million in fiscal 2005, up from $15.9 million in 2004, UGA records show.

Very impressive numbers and how this football program generates these dollars warrants some investigation.

The number that jumps out at you is the $26,035,318 under contributions.
For comparison: Auburn $14,293,519, South Carolina $0, Clemson $1,715,863, Michigan $11,213,608, Michigan State $6,158,807, Texas $15,680,307, Tennessee $127,391, Maryland $0, UCLA $1,050,677, Buffalo $52,376

As you can see the contribution category is not consistently applied as UGA only reported $12,127,237 in ticket sales while UT reported $21,122,228. The factory in UGA’s financial favor is the addition of 27 SkySuites in 2004. Can you say trickle down from the pros.


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