Thursday, May 25, 2006

Speechless (and You Will Be Too)

In looking for article to comment upon in Google the following came up a story that is tragic on many levels. The armed robbery of a Smoothie King by high school students for $463 has cast a shadow over the future of the alleged students and caused damage to the mental health if the victim. That said the quote form the principal at Whitman High School is incomprehensible.
Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin said yesterday that the five students were being allowed to attend class and finish the school year because the alleged incident took place outside of school and because none of the five had been involved in any disciplinary problems.
Armed robbery, felony armed robbery. Perhaps there is more to this story, a misquote, or some other explanation. If the crime is as reported this school system has a problem with policies and procedures. This is the use of a gun to threaten a life for the purpose of taking $463. By any definition this is a serious crime and these alleged felons should not be attending school.

School policy says,
"You cannot be disciplined by school authorities for things that you do outside of school hours and off school grounds, unless there is a reasonable belief that the health and/or safety of others in school will be in danger. Discipline may be imposed for offenses for school activities outside of the regular school hours, including on a school bus or bus stop. If you do things outside of school that are related to school (for example, harassing a teacher or fighting with a student while walking home), school authorities may talk with your parents about it or take other appropriate disciplinary action. "

Saftey of others is often in doubt when a weapon like a gun is used in an armed robbery.

The principal can be contacted at


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