Saturday, May 06, 2006

More of keeping up with the SEC's

FACILITIES… yes facilities are the answer to winning. If we just had fill in the blank. We could be better. Are college football players pampered or is it that the coaches and alumni want the facilities for there own egos? The following quote is the classic illustration of the mentality:

Spurrier challenged fans to prove Lee Corso wrong. The ESPN college football analyst said Spurrier could not win at USC when he took the job in November 2004.

“He said the reason you can’t win at South Carolina is because the University of South Carolina either is not willing to spend money to compete at a high level ... or they simply don’t have the money to spend,” Spurrier said.

“I said, ‘Well, I’m going to get that message out.’ And we’re going to find out if we have a lot of Carolina people that love Carolina football that will step forward and help get our facilities to a level very close to Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.”

An interesting study would be to look at capital spending at universities over the past ten years look for the pay off in the stands and in the wins and losses. How did Utah reach a BSC game without FACILITIES? Coaching? Hard work? Recruiting for character and skills?

FACILITIES is the new scapegoat for why a program is not succeeding.

Spurrier wants bigger coop for Gamecocks


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