Sunday, April 16, 2006

Expensive Video Game

$240,000 for a videogame simulator

Game on: Friedgen visualizes success

On a cold December morning we arrived at the Best Buy with hopes of spending $500 for an Xbox 360 and while not successful that day the $500 soon was out of my pocket and in that of Bill Gates. In comparison to what Ralph paid $500 seems like a downright bargain.

In the CFB arms race it is amazing that it has taken up to now for someone to sell a product like this. GridIron Technologies . The website has little more than a couple of good testimonials from ASU and OSU. A previous career in sales and life experience makes me skeptical of any claims like these. For an extra $239,500 this thing better do more that train quarterbacks to read defenses that may be difficult to accurately model.

Computer technology has the ability to create the golly gee effect and deliver little in the way of real education. Stealing from Clifford Stoll this may be a bit of Silicon Snake Oil.

If this is the next great thing we shall see a further divide in the haves and have nots.


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