Sunday, April 16, 2006

Statement of Purpose

The raid on the Big East and the financial implication was/is reason for this blog. There are good bloggers already in place that can do a better job with the actual game on the field and the recruiting wars. Stealing form Deepthroat this blog will, "Follow the money", for good or bad money in one from or another is the driving force behind the vast majority of decision made in college football.

Upfront biases:

1. I am a graduate of 1983 West Virginia University and have been a fan since 1993 after attending a thrilling win over Miami. Related to this there will be a pro Big East spin and all fair attempts to show the ACC as a greed driven dishonest bunch will be taken.

2. Title IX while the idea is noble women's sports do not pay for themselves and the real outcome has be the elimination of minor men's sports and requiring the football program foot the bill for field hockey.

3. Blind hatred of one opponent or rival does not make sense to me. Name calling and meaningless put downs area waste of time. Point out your opponents flaws but be prepared to acknowledge your own--remember it is just a game.

4. Most importantly these are young men generally 18 to 22 years old. Hopefully they are playing as a means to educational goal and for the love of the sport. Should they make a mistake on the field remember the mistakes you made at that age. That said those that are involved in serious crime need to be shown the door.

One more note--find typos in my writing is like finding sand on the beach. I have always been a poor proof reader (of my own writing) but will make corrections as soon as possible.


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