Sunday, February 08, 2009

Stimulate Your Team

Is there a college football program that doesn’t have a shove ready project of some type that could put $10 million dollars into the economy right away? You want real and fast stimulus (you are allowed to say NO)? If a capital hill lawmaker is a supporter of the current proposal then add is a mere $1.2 billion so each BCS school gets $10 million each with the only requirement that the money be spent on new capital improvements to the facilities.

New indoor practice facility? Yes!

Stadium expansion? Yes!

Update the bathrooms? Yes!

Hire new staff? No! (Review the meaning of capital improvements)

Luxury boxes? Yes!

Administrative office construction Yes!

If the idea of a stimulus plan is to jump start the sagging economy, then the more quickly the money is spend the sooner we might see the unemployment rate decline. The beauty of this plan is that while the federal government does foot the bill for the construction, there is no continuing obligation to keep funding expansion after the economy recovers.

Granted in construction projects $10 million is small but if combined with effect fund raising, management, and shrewdly taking advantage of the current retreat in materials cost there is the possibility of the school coming out with a very nice upgrade.

Some may question the flat $10 million going to both the Temple and Ohio State. While on the surface this may seem to be questioned as a boom to the meek and a drop in the bucket to the might, the design here is to get the money spent and at the end of the day have something to show for it. And again without a continuing expense in the Federal budget.

In true Washing style two more elements could be added:

an additional $1.2 billion for road construction within 10 miles of a college stadium

a provision that forbids the establishment of a BCS playoff for the next 20 years


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