Monday, December 22, 2008

The "Y" Bowls

Not every bowl game can have great teams, at a great time, at a great venue, in a great location. Here is a list of the “have not-iest” games:

EagleBank Bowl
Date Dec. 20
Teams Wake Forest vs. Navy

Venue RFK

Location Washington, D.C.

Other 11:00 a.m. kickoff

On the good side Navy got a real break on travel expenses. The minuses: bad stadium, temperatures in the high 30’s, and early kickoff (attendance: 28,777)

magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl
Date Dec. 20
Teams South Florida vs. Memphis

Venue Tropicana Field

Location St. Petersburg, FL

Other Isn’t Skype free

The Trop is bad baseball venue and even worse for football. The field looked like it had snow on it except where they covered up the baseball dirt area. On the positive side ESPN announcers said MagicJack more than the required number of times. (attendance: 25,205)

Emerald Bowl
Date Dec. 27 ESPN
Teams Miami vs. California

Venue AT&T Park

Location San Francisco, Calif.

Saturday by the bay but another of the baseball stadium game. AT&T park feature the endzone wall and the ever popular shared sideline.

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl
Dec. 30
Teams Maryland vs. Nevada

Venue Bronco Stadium

Location Boise, ID

Other: High temperature of 40 with rain

Maryland fans are falling all over themselves to book airline tickets for a winter trip to land of the Smurf Turf. This game has been the boobie prize of the
ACC for several years now. Which is worse for Ralph and the boy: staying home for the holidays or seeing the sites in Boise.

Jan. 6
Teams Tulsa vs. Ball State

Venue Ladd-Peebles stadium

Location Mobile, AL

Other GMAC is in serious trouble

The only bowl game using Federal bailout money the only issue here is the late dat of this game. Yes, the hardcore college football fan will care but by January 6th most are looking forward to next fall.

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