Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Irish Bowl Part II--Body Heat

Norte Dame hater delighted in seeing lower than lowly Syracuse comeback to defeat the Irish last Saturday. Unless USC fails to show Notre Dame will end the season at 6-6 which is bowl eligible and both the Sun and Gator bowls would just love to have the Catholics in for the holidays. These two bowls split inviting Big 12 or a Big East/Notre Dame. Notre Dame is the hot step sister of the Big East and both bowls hope that they can position themselves to get some of the ND action and do not really care how.

The Sun Bowl is playing the part of the dim lawyer from Body Heat that loses his moral way in lust for Kathleen Turner (in 1981 she could carry it off). So allure is the prospect of having Notre Dame that you will do or say stupid things:

"When we went into the arrangement with the Big East, we did it solely so we'd have an opportunity for Notre Dame. Period," Folmer said. Going on to say that extra personal will be needed to sell tickets.

Remember that the bowl game is merely a trick to have out of towners to fill up hotels during the holidays and spend money.

Mr. Folmer is of the opinion that a 6-6 Notre Dame is there for the taking but the pnly way that can happen is if USC beats the Irish AND Rutgers loses the Louisville. A Rutgers wins means that the step sister Big East will have six teams with 7 or more wins. And as the commisioner of the Big East pointed out

Teams that complete their regular seasons with 6-6 records may be selected only after it is assured that teams with winning records have received a bowl invitation under the conference’s affiliated bowls.

The Sun Bowl now looks foolish...lust will do that.

Or we could just blame Otto.

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