Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Most Critcal Issue of the Day

Presidential politics and college football rarely intersect and they should not.
When ask on that tower of intellectual discourse, ESPN through Chris Berman, about what he would do to improve sports Mr. Obama said they he favored a playoff. Yes that playoff for college football.

See for yourself at 1:35

Mr. Obama maybe articulate and highly educated but he has
made a serious blunder on this critical issue. Iraq and the economy will sort
themselves out in time but putting a college football playoff into place will
change the fundamental foundation of college football and September games like regular season college basketball...meaningless.

It will start with eight teams but grow into a money monster that will create calls for the little guys to get a share of the wealth. Just like basketball it may well devolve into the silliness of the beyond marginal "play-in" game so we can cut the pie into 65 slices.

Perhaps Mr. Obama was feeling the hubris of being head in the polls but this may rank as one of the most serious and telling statements of the long campaign.

"All I am saying is give peace Columbia a berth"


Blogger Max said...

footage of the BCS committee talking playoffs too...


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