Monday, May 19, 2008

Yesterday's News

The past tends to become a jumble as we get further away. A normal person has a healthy habit of a memory dump (or more accurately deterioration) unless the event is repeated or significant it is all but forgotten quickly. Recently, there was a story going around about a women unable to forget and let things slip quietly into the past.

The Internet has a sharp memory only some of those memories come with a price tag. This post was original to be a epic of the events of the 2003 ACC Raid. We will have to settle for some selective snapshots.

Tranghese says ACC tries to lure Big East teams Saturday, April 19, 2003
By Phil Axelrod, Post-Gazette Sports Writer

"They have made two presentations to the University of Miami -- and have been turned down -- but they continue to come back, hoping to get the right answer. They've gone to Syracuse, Boston College and Virginia Tech." (Tranghese)

Never happened, Swofford told the Durham Herald-Sun.

Johnny boy you need to use language that allows you an out.

At Miami's mercy Big East's fate hinges on 'Canes, ACC expansion
Posted: Thursday May 15, 2003 7:24 PM

"It behooves all of us to do what we can to keep the current Big East as it is," Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver said. "I'm not sure just what it is that's driving it. If it's money, then we'll discuss that in the Big East meetings this weekend and try to do everything we can to keep our current conference intact."

Jimmy you will soon be playing footsie with Johnny.

Let the Big East courting begin
Wednesday, May 14, 2003

"If the ACC adds Miami, Boston College, Syracuse and/or Virginia Tech, then its basketball product will be a bit diluted -- much like the Big 12 and SEC.

A long article with multiple "what if's" but the above was correct the football money was not free."

Option play--QB-turned-senator Allen playing tough with ACC
Posted: Thursday June 19, 2003

"So Allen, Gov. Mark Warner and Attorney General Jerry Kilgore played hardball, putting the squeeze on University of Virginia president John Casteen to vote against the expansion plan.

With seven votes needed and Duke and North Carolina likely to vote against expansion, Virginia is in position to kill the latest would-be super conference."

Everything is better when the politicos help out. The original plan was for Syracuse to be the third invitee and then Virginia Tech got in via the UVA vote.

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