Monday, May 12, 2008

Make an Excuse for Stopping By

Mike Tranghese might think about packing something along with his toothbrush, a copy of Desomd Conner's recent article ECU Ready For Big East, If League Wants It on an upcoming trip to Florida. Maybe several copies.

Mike should opt to drive from Providence maybe stop at some schools along the way for informal meet and greets. Let's see Wilmington, Delaware; Fairfax, Virginia; Greenville, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and Athens, Georgia. In each of those locations pay a visit to the respective AD and university president for a casual lunch or dinner. While sitting down with Terry Holland at East Carolina accidentally have a copy of the article sitting out in plan view and if that isn't enough to get things started prop the article up with the following part highlighted:

The school should be willing to:

--Play a conference football schedule with zero compensation from the Big East so current members don't have to give up any of their share of revenue.

--Be responsible for negotiating a television contract for home games until the league wants the school to be a part of its package.

--Not expect any of the league's BCS revenue until earning a BCS bid of its own representing the conference.

--Come in as a football member only. Other sports would play in another league in order to not interfere with the league's current 16-member setup for all other sports.

--Show a solid track record of putting fans in the seats at home, on the road and at bowl games -- all on a trial basis for a few years.

Then while AD's and presidents of the Big East schools will be having there annual meeting in Amelia Island leave several more copies sitting in plan view (highlight as needed). After they slap each other on the back and the Rutgers v. Notre Dame have a cold shoulder contest maybe some brighter people attending will take notice and start a conversation about the idea of East Carolina making an interesting new member...under the right conditions. Plant the seed so they can adjourn until next year with big smiles on their faces more than just a successful year in football and basketball...a more secure future.

Any offer like this if genuine solves the expansion issue and the scheduling problem in one stroke.

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