Wednesday, January 09, 2008


...the launching of the much-ballyhooed Big Ten Network proved disastrous.While the launch has been less than the triumph that Jim Delany would have wanted the plodding BTN might yet find its way into you house and extract money from your wallet.. BTN is like the guy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that wasn't dead yet and any cheering at the death of this cash grab is best done when it is six feet under.

Apparently BTN and Comcast are still talking trying to find a way they can both profit handsomely from selling you a few 2nd or 3rd rate football games, meaningless regular season basketball and content on par with ESPN2 billards coverage.

"So when Silverman says the BTN has addressed Comcast's concerns, you can be sure it has dropped considerably from its initial asking price of $1.10 per subscriber." Not that Comcast really opjects to adding $1.10 to the cable bill, they just want a cut of the loot.

Ending...too cynical...too close to the truth. Looking for that happy place.

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