Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Say No

After 16 games does the AFC need a playoff? With last weekend's meaningless wildcard games we move to the second round of the much loved playoffs because as we know it the champion is best decides on the field. Yet in the case of the AFC there is no need for a post season as New England has vanquished every foe n defeating what is likely the second best team in the NFL in the the Colts. In fact why play the Super Bowl at all as it is clear the New England is the best team in the NFL and at best the current process can only serve to delay this conclusion or crown a pretender the the thrown.

Those that advocate the playoff in college football point to this past season with no regular season dominate team as proof of the need for adding a tournament single elimination contest to the regular season. The recent proposal by Georgia's Michael Adams might not be seems so smart if the Dawgs go undefeated through an SEC schedule only to lose in the first round to a no. 8 Hawaii (or alike). Then the screams would be to consider the difficulty to surviving a brutal SEC regular season and that the winner of the playoff was illegitimate.

This is not to say that we should crown the National Champion prior to one last test, like the vote to give the title to the University of Maryland in 1953 despite being beaten by Oklahoma 7-0 in the Orange Bowl (the final poll was taken before the game was played). The current system requires teams to position themselves for the #1 or #2 positions for a shot at the MNC and while the 2007 season had no dominate team and therefore gave voice to those advocating a tournament the NFL may show the folly of this approach.

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