Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beast or Least

Is the Big East the plucky maple tree of It Grew Back or just a dandelion that has dodged the Round-Up for the last time? The 2007 season will write an important chapter in that story and go along way towards determining the financial strength of the conference. Surprisingly the road to monetary redemption runs through Piscataway as the television ratings that the New York City metro area can deliver is of monstrous proportions (18 million plus pairs of eyes). The 2006 Texas Bowl had a respectable 1.4 despite being on the NFL Channel but the 2005 Insight Bowl pulled in a very nice 3.3. West Virginia and Louisville may be the heroes on the field but the dollars will come because of Rutgers. That said this also means that the puniest BCS conference lacks the berth that may be needed to face the future

As with the ACC schedule the boys from the Magic Kingdom have their finger prints all over this schedule.

Friday, August 31 Washington at Syracuse--(8:00 p.m., ESPN): As said here before the world of college football gives style points for reputation built up over the years and Syracuse has that capital to spend while it attempts to rebuild. The Orange have three OOC games against BCS teams partly because regardless of there win-loss record Syracuse looks good on the schedule.

Thursday, September 6--Oregon State at Cincinnati (7:30 p.m., ESPN) and Friday, September 7--Navy at Rutgers (7:00 p.m., ESPN): The Disney folks have been working overtime to present some interesting match-ups and while these are fair from marquee games that you’ll tell your grandchildren about these game have a certain mystery to them. Cincy lost there coach to Michigan State and still managed to win their bowl game. The Bearscats had difficult road games last season against Ohio State and Virginia Tech managing to keep both games closer than expected. Rutgers and Navy will be fun to do the over/under on the number of passes thrown.

Saturday, September 8--USF at Auburn (TBD, ESPN/ESPN2): The chance to prove your mettle on the field is one of the charms of college football. Are the Bulls ready for the next step? Syracuse at Iowa might be good to Tivo for any goal line stances

Saturday, September 15--Louisville at Kentucky: This is one of those must see early season OOC games to see just how good UK has become and as a yardstick for how the Cards will fare 2007 campaign.
Saturday, September 22--Connecticut at Pittsburgh: Save your time and space on the Tivo but you might want to look over the box score on Sunday just to see how these two compare.

Saturday, September 29--West Virginia at USF: Just how good have the Bulls become? They have played the part of giant killers with wins over WVU and Louisville over the past two seasons but can they play at the top.
Saturday, October 6—Of the four conference games none are noteworthy (at this point in time).

Saturday, October 13 --Connecticut at Virginia: Lower tier of the BE v. lower tier ACC! This game requires that you drink Keystone Light and eat store brand chip.

Saturday, October 20--Mississippi State at West Virginia: In this game the win by West Virginia will is not as important as the final score.

Saturday, October 27--WEST VIRGINIA at RUTGERS: This would make a great Saturday Night game that is if the stars have aligned properly.

Saturday, November 3 --Rutgers at Connecticut Not a highly anticipated game but a match up that needs to become a rivalry of some note and capture the attention of the populace that live between these two schools.

Thursday, November 8--Louisville at West Virginia (7:30 p.m., ESPN) The November Thursday night game is where the Big East shown brightest in 2006. Will that be repeated in 2007?

Saturday, November 17--Pittsburgh at Rutgers: Is Pitt back or will this be another wait ‘til next year season?

Saturday, November 24—Recover from Thanksgiving dinner and get a jump on the Christmas shopping.

Thursday, November 29--Rutgers at Louisville (7:30 p.m., ESPN): Can this game live up to last years contest?

Saturday, December 1 Pittsburgh at West Virginia (TBD, ESPN/ESPN2): Two words: Backyard Brawl

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