Friday, January 19, 2007

Saban Good!

Here is a shocker. In the opinion of The Crimson White the hiring of Nick Saban is a good thing. The arguement made there is on par with those of the famous Chico Escuela (those under 40 read this link) and can be summarized as "Football has been berry berry good the the University of Alabama." Or for those whos late 1970's comedy run more to Animal House we can change the plaque under the staute of Mr. Faber founder of Faber College to read Winning is Good.

Alabama football is one of the great and storied progams with the lendary Coach Bryant they were a dominate program. Like many of use the Crimson Tide fnas clings to the past and delude themselves into thinking that they are only a great coach away of returning to the good old days. The pursuit of Rich Rodriguez and finally Nick Saban was done with all the class of a middle age man getting a trophy wife and a sports car. Sadly the two have much in common and as both are despartely in pursuit of a past that will not return.


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