Friday, January 12, 2007


Who Would Karl Marx Root For? The left side of the political spectrum has been quiet too long. With the rise of the conservatives in American politics and the defeat the the Soviet Union we have been deprived of the amusing view of their world as only a Commie Pinko can create. Not that the Religious Righty has not has supplied some interesting diversions, but the left always supplies an interesting change of pace.

There is little on nothing new or interesting in College football players exploited by universities which is disappointing. They point out the truck loads of money being brought in by big time college football and the players take on the roll of the exploited workers at the bottom of the system. What the Pinkos here and other that advocate for the payment of players fail to understand is the reward that the players feel for the opportunity to be on the field. Are they being exploited if they would play for nothing? What about the walk on?

The goal for all programs is 100% graduation with all players leaving with an education the pros as "a if it happens..." Football coaching staffs commit considerable resources to academic support in a effort to help him graduate and to protect the investment they have made in a player. For some the golden payday of the NFL comes true and if played correctly the expected value of an education is eclipsed by the signing bonus. Unfortunately, those are few and it is difficult tell a 19 year old that that may not come when people have been pumping him up for the past five years (consider how top recruits are treated).

The left instead of complaining about the lack of pay for players should work to encourage these young men to invest in their own personal intellectual capital. But the left has never been about personal accountability, they want to complain about the outcome not being as expected with little questioning of the individual's actions. As stated before in the blog the bachelors degree is the payoff for anyone in college and for the vast majority of players the REAL pay.

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