Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bowl Game Recap...the $'s

The attendence figures are in and as the Shervport Times shows most bowl game suceeded in filling more seats. Something that isn't completely clear is whether these number are for ticket sold or bodies through the turnstyle. A couple of noteable numbers:

1. MPC Bowl had a decrease due to the lack of hometown BSU as a participant. Nevade fans made up the bulk of the bodies in the stands given that any bowl is reason to celebrate. Fans of the "U", noted for lack of attendence at home games played at the Orange Bowl, found it beneth them to travel to the land of spuds and came dressed as empty seats.

2. Beneth them was the feeling of Aubrn fans that literally boycotted the Cotton Bowl. The Cotton Bowl has lost a step and is now put in the pack of second teir bowls. History this game has, cache' it lacks.

3. The Navy fleet of fans moved form the Poinsettia Bowl (with a Navy base in town) to the Meineke Car Care Bowl (with Nofolk very close by).

4. The Music City Bowl hit the jackpot by inventing the near by and hungry Wildcats. Although given the proxmitiy the fans in the stands may not have put as much money into the local economy as fewer that booked hotel rooms and spread the wealth in Nashville.

5. The totals got larger but again given the forced purchase of tickets we need to look at these numbers as being a slam dunk win for all parties.


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