Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gropher Hole

One of life's lesson's that we all eventually learn is that who we are it only minimally effected by the object we surround ourselves with. You can be forgiven if you were deluded in thinking that wearing a varsity lettermen's jacket would be you instant key to the cool click in high school. Fortunately as expressed in New TCF Bank stadium: Back to the future there is no fantasy that a new stadium (featuring the DQ Club Zone) will reverse the state of the football program.

"It won't guarantee victories or sold-out attendance once the shine wears off, but Gophers officials believe it is a large chip in the ever-expanding arm's race of college athletics."

Will students and alumni know how to act at their own, we are not simply renters stadium? I would be great to see if UM (the other, other UM) fans can revive past traditions lost in the move to an off campus location and create new traditions. Will students appreciate TFC Bank Stadium in ten years when there is no recall of how bad it was back in 2008?

An interesting history of University of Minnesota football stadiums including a guest appearance by Lou Holtz as part of the story.

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