Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bristol's Revenge

Partnership works until you hit a speed bump and at the point of conflict what is important becomes evident. Parteners, working together is the plans until there is a divergence in self interest and then suddenly the self-importnat memeber starts acting like the school yard bully because things are not going his way.

In this case Disney Sports has shown themselves as a combination of the bully and spoiled brat throwing a tantrum when Boise State University Imagine the indignation in Bristol,(the language has been cleaned up feel free to add your favorite explatives) "Who do they think they are dealing with!...Don't want to move the Nevada game. We'll show them! Cancel that ESPN2game on November 11."

There's a C note to anyone that can prove this cancellation had nothing to do with BSU's refusal to be a good little partner.


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