Friday, June 16, 2006

Heroic or Futile

Look at the options list on cars made in the 1970's and you will see an example of how wealth in the United States has grown. Equipment like power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, AM radio, and steel belted tires cost extra on most models. Today those are gives with GPS navigation systems and DVD players options. This while the cost in constant dollars stays about the same. A 1974 VW Super Beetle from the era might sound romantic but without A/C on a hot day the love will soon be a puddle on your vinyl seat. On the other side the wealth enjoyed in this nation has made use spoiled gluttons consuming out of boredom and spending time in the hot VW would build some character.

The announced renovation of the Big House with the addition of luxury box is not without opponents. An entry into "Change of Subject" by Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn summarized a Michigan Board of Regents member that opposes the expansion. In addition a save website has been put up to stop this proposal. The arguments are basically:

1. The boxes will not pay for themselves
2. Michigan football games were meant to be watched from the stands
3. The boxes would detract from the look of the Big House
4. UM could use the money elsewhere.

While ths case made on the payback on the luxury boxes is compelling there could be funds coming from donations to fund the boxes. Time will tell if this is a case of killing the American SST (an American supersonic passenger jet) or AT&T that thought that this internetworking of computers was never going to amount to much.


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