Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can't see the Mountian West as BCS worthy

Mountain West Conference a low priority for CBS C by Scott Pierce shows the weakness of this conference's argument to be included at the BCS table...lack of media exposure and lack of media respect. The talking heads can say all they want about the the strength of the MWC while the suit in the back with the power of the checkbook and the programming schedule do not deem them worthy.

As the broadcast
schedule shows the conference has a weak television presence with CBS College Sports cherry picking game of interest (the 10/31 New Mexico at San Diego St.being an exception). Even with CBS C and Mtn. showing what could be the most important game of the season the college football world may barely notice as Disney Sports will be busy hyping games to be play December 5th. and CBS will be selling the hell out of the SEC championship game.

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