Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big 12 Game of the Week

Conference game of the week--mark your calendars now.
Rules: Every team must make the list at least once
Guideline: The most important game is not always the most interesting.

Saturday, Sept. 5
BYU vs. Oklahoma (in Arlington)
Note to vendors—stock up on Sprite and decaf caffe

Saturday, Sept. 12
Houston at Oklahoma State
Rice at Texas Tech
Neither of these are particular interesting but they are better than any of the other options. This is the week that Texas travels to Wyoming to play the Cowboys.

Saturday, Sept. 19
Texas Tech at Texas
No Crabtree! At Austin! Can this be as interesting as 2008?

Saturday, Sept. 26
Army at Iowa State
Army has a chance at being competitive in this game.

Saturday, Oct. 3
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (in Dallas)
Has Bobby Petrino have the Razorbacks in position to be a factor in the South?

Thursday, Oct. 8
Nebraska at Missouri
What is the direction for these two programs?

Saturday, Oct. 17
Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas)
No brainer.

Saturday, Oct. 24
Oklahoma State at Baylor
Are the Bears making progress?

Saturday, Oct. 31
Missouri at Colorado
Both teams need this game for keeping up with the Huskers.

Saturday, Nov. 7
Kansas at Kansas State
No brainer #2.

Saturday, Nov. 14
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State
Will this be more than a contest for the #3 slot in the South.

Saturday, Nov. 21
Kansas State at Nebraska
The Jayhawks may already be out of bowl contention and they may have nothing
to lose.

Saturday, Nov. 28
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
Are the Sooner still the dominate team?

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