Monday, March 30, 2009

This is Uncalled For

Watch the video first unless you have a masters of better in history:

Got it, a disastrous raid into France to appease Uncle Joe Stalin (interesting new book about Stalin)

As it turns out, K and Williams were right as the raid on the Big East has become the ACC’s Dieppe with its football equally as mediocre as it ever was, and its treasured conference championship football game unable to cut it in Florida, having been moved to North Carolina where it still didn’t sell out.

Did you get the mistake? Partial credit for those that know that the ACC Championship has not yet bombed in North Carolina. The real problem are:

1. Assuming that more than a handful of readers know about Dieppe and those that followed the directions above are in know. Mike Burke seems to think he is now the Dennis Miller of Cumberland, Maryland sports.

2. Giving credit to Mike Krzyzewski and Gary Williams for opposing the ACC expansion. Both understood that the expansion would diminish their standing as the limelight would be diverted from them to football or dilute the basketball with the addition of Miami and Virginia Tech both traditionally marginal

For now the dollars favors the expansion of the ACC. This blog was in part motivated by the ACC expansion and that action and last year we marked the five years since the raid with---

Part #1: Atlantic Swofford: Raiders of the Lost Dream

Voices From Beyond

For the record the reference to Dieppe is refreshing and adds a much needed spark to the sports page,

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