Monday, November 26, 2007

Makes the Network Yes Man Look Good

The football has an odd shape and this shape adds significantly to the strange bounces it can take. A squib kick bouncing down the field can be a terrifying experience for the return team trying to calculate their reaction to the next bounce. But there is some far more fearful of that kick...namely the TV executive and the college football pundit.

The motivation of the TV program manager is purely profit. While having a cold, cold heart, there motivation is pure(ly) profit. The bottom line is money driven by rating with no feelings about the teams on the feild. While Fox has the worse reputation in seeking new lows in programming (Temptation Island), the others network are no different in the hope that they can get high ratings in the key demographic groups.

The pundit on the other hand is pure ego. No other motivation explains the recent column by Mike Freeman. Mr. Freeman dismisses the idea of a Missouri and West Virginia MNC game as the Hick v. Hee-Haws worrying that the nation will not care about a game that does not feature an established name team. How dare Missouri which was barely on the radar screen in August crash the hallowed turf of the Super Dome on January 7th.

Is it that Mr. Freeman had mentally scripted the season in his head and the is not the outcome in his fantasy? We have all done this in our own lives. The evening is all planned out and when something unexpected enters the equation we throw the adult equvilant of a temper tantrum. The reason for our behavior is simple, ego we knew best and the problem must be someone else.

Returning to the unexpected bouncing of the ball. Unfortunately, the random occurance with more of an impact on the game than the odd shape pigskin and the real reason for Mr. Freeman pout may be in the injury of key players.

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