Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #9

Boston College at Virginia Tech $92
Few ticket listed

Virginia at North Carolina State $73
Cav fans must be in a buying mood.

West Virginia at Rutgers Football Tickets $119
Up to $723 for seats on the 50 but will anyone buy?

Iowa State at Missouri Football Tickets $51
See the winners of the Big 12 North?

Ohio State at Penn State $160
These are lower endzone. Is that better or worse than upper endzone?

California at Arizona State Football $27
$27.99 to be exact for a top 10 team.

Stanford at Oregon State Football Tickets $10
Even less for this top 10 team.

Miami (Oh) at Vanderbilt Football Tickets $2
An extra $7 will get you seats at midfield.

Ole Miss at Auburn Football Tickets $49
Finally fans willing to pay for tickets for #23.

New Mexico State at Hawaii Football Tickets $55
Everything is more expensive in Hawaii.

Idaho at Nevada Football $11
Vandals visit Reno.

Still watching the prices
Notre Dame at Stanford Football Tickets 11-24-2007 $5

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