Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bill Veeck Bowl

Gator Bowl Association Executive Director Rick Catlett has the job of filling seats (and by extension hotels and restaurants) in Jacksonville on January 1, 2010. Once upon a time the Gator Bowl had some cache. Second tier but with fewer bowls and a New Years Day slot the Gator invitation was a prize.

In the latest bowl shuffle the Jacksonville game lost ground and now Mr. Catlett's strategy is to rely on gimmicks wanting to sell the farewell Bobby Bowden game (and Florida State by the way). So tantalizing is this prize:

Gator Bowl Association Executive Director Rick Catlett, speaking to a civic group Wednesday, said he hopes the ACC doesn’t prevent FSU from coming to Jacksonville, and mentioned the possibility of a lawsuit against the conference if it does so.

Certainly the relationship between the ACC and Gator Bowl had been strained by the failed championship games and we without a doubt seeing a grab for cash. Unfortunately, the revenge and revenue will not revive the flagging fortunes of a bowl that is sliding into mere obscurity.


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